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Enjoy spring-like healthy water

at your fingertips whenever 

you like.


Water, the universal solvent; the substance that is required for all functions of life, well known as the most important element behind the vitality of all beings.


What you drink is directly absorbed by your body, and will determine your health. Thus, healthy water is a necessity.

So how do we categorize what is healthy water?

According to research on globally recognized natural healing water of Hunza Glaciers in Pakistan, the Cauceses in Venezuela and Lourdes in France among others. They share the same qualities as below.

These waters were found to be clean & pure, with an alkaline pH value of 8.5 to 9.0, and most important is its anti-oxidant ability with high OH-

And you can get all these abilities in Mashida water
 "No disease, including cancer, 
          can exist in alkaline enviroment." 
 Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg 
 Winner of the 1931 Nobel Price for cancer discovery 
Dr.Otto Heinrich Warburg
 While Hot Mashida water makes better coffee with richer aroma. 
 Cold Mashida water tastes similar to glaciers, smooth & pure. 
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What you can expect from Mashida Water


Mashida water is rich in OH- with an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) up to - 285 per serving.

Alkaline pH 8.5 - 9.0

High alkaline pH even in hot water, for better neutralization of acidic in our body. 

Clean, clear, and pure

Mashida water is sparkling clear from any impurity, thus provide a smoother and softer taste.

ISO 9001

Mashida water is filtered from the Korean imported filtration system with ISO quality.

Biological Free

All filtration system is made from natural minerals and element without any animal involve.

Food Grade Tank

Build with stainless steel 304 stretched  Hot & Cold tank.

Yes, I would like to know more about Mashida alkaline dispenser in Malaysia. Do provide me with more information.  


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