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Ideal drinking solution for office

Considering a water option for your business or office? Mashida offers point-of-use bottle-free water dispenser that provide healthy, great tasting alkaline water, cold and hot, minus the water delivery service and the jugs! So you have hot and cold purified water without the bottles!

We’ve been in the purified water industry in Klang Valley for over 14 years and provide an alternative to those heavy, environmentally wasteful, 5-gallon bottles of water you may be using now.


Our technology produces alkaline water with Korean build in filters. The water is transferred through tubing from your tap to the water dispenser that we provide – giving you an unlimited supply of pure, fresh, healthy alkaline water for a monthly fee that can save you up to 60% of what you are currently spending*.


* Base on RM 550 for 60 bottles (5-gallon) package, reorder every 2 months.


Do you Know ......

  • If too much acid accumulates in your body, your doctor may diagnose you with a condition called acidosis. There are two major forms of acidosis: metabolic acidosis, which occurs when there is too much acid in your body, and respiratory acidosis, which occurs when there is too much carbon dioxide in your body. Typically, acidosis develops as a result of uncontrolled diabetes; chronic diarrhea; and respiratory, kidney or liver disease. When severe, the effects of acidosis may be life-threatening.

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Benefits of Mashida’s bottle-free Korean filter water dispenser for your office/home

  • No more drinking acidic water

  • Cost saving up to 60% of what you are paying now

  • Enjoy endless water without a delivery schedule

  • Free up storage space by eliminating the need for water bottles

  • You pay a low fixed monthly price: no matter how much water your office consumes

  • Water is filtered on site, so you will never run out of better tasting drinking water

  • No more empty water jugs on the cooler waiting for you to replace it

  • Reduce waste from single-serve water bottles

  • Pre-scheduled maintenance (sanitation and filter changes)

  • No long term contracts & commitment

  • Environmentally responsible

  • Premium service and products

  • Custom installation

  • Adaptable service and system solutions

  • Increased employee and client happiness

How to SAVE up to 60% of yours or Office COST ? Click here :

According to research, the result indicates that most of time people drink more water at the workplace rather than at home.
Since whatever you drink is fully absorbed by your body and directly affect your health. So…
Say 'NO' to acidic water today
Say NO to acidic water
 Free up storage space by eliminating the need for water bottles, 
 good for the enviroment and save money doing so. 
Save Office Space

Ask for Mashida's FREE upgrade Program NOW!

Contact us to enjoy your "free moving cost program" and save up to 60% of your monthly bill instantly*.

or call us at +(6) 011 2703 8888

* Terms & Conditions apply
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