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Air Sterilizer Conditioner

Sterilization - Disinfection - Deodorization - Formaldehyde - Purification

Business outlets today are facing closures due to positive COVID-19 cases traced back to their site locations.

To prevent this from happening to you, you must ensure you have an effective sterilization solution in place to protect you and your customers.
Studies have shown that some Covid-19 infections can be spread by exposure to small droplets and particles of the coronavirus that linger in the air for minutes, or even hours. 
Bacteria and viruses can cause a wide range of common infections. They can live in air, on surfaces and on objects, even after normal cleaning routines. That means any contamination left behind in the air we breathe and on the surfaces we touch can have a profound effect on our day - to – day health and wellbeing. The quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the cleanness of surfaces have a profound effect on our health and well-being. We’re all at risk of contracting and spreading viruses and bacteria, especially in busy public areas like the office, factory, store, bar or restaurant, school, museum and on public transport.
In general, mucus-based viral infections can occur through:
·Droplet spray in short range transmission: the virus can spread through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person exhales (breaths, coughs, sneezes, sings, yells, or talks). These droplets tend to be larger (>5 microns in diameter) and fall out of the air rapidly within seconds to minutes. Social distancing and masks, and engineered filtration pressure differentials are helpful for preventing this form of transmission.

·Contact (direct or indirect): the virus can spread by touching an object or surface with the virus present from an infected person, and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes. Good hygiene, a form of source control, is helpful for this form of transmission.

·Aerosol in long-range transmission (airborne transmission): when an infected person exhales, they produce typically small respiratory droplets (≤5 microns in diameter). Smaller, aerosolized viruses can remain in the air indefinitely and travel far from their source on air currents. Air purifiers and engineered filtration pressure differentials can be helpful for this form of transmission.

To safe guard yourself, your family ,your staff and your clients, Mashida Air Sterilizer conditioner provide cutting-edge technology with all in one solution.


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Product Catalogue

User Manual and Fact Sheet

Suitable for :


                    Retail                                          Hair and beauty saloon                                Banking                               Restaurant & Entertainment outlet


                    Hospitality                                        Food outlets                                               Offices                                                     Schools

A word of caution

UV-C lamps present a minimum risk when used by professionals who know how to use them. They must shield their eyes and skin to avoid light damage and severe injuries to the eyes and skin. We advise customers to exercise caution when selecting equipment and look for evidence of third-party testing as well as certification of device materials and electrical components by well-known organizations such as NSF, UL, CSA, DVGW-OVGW, or other international requirements as applicable.

None of our UV-C lamps are certified or approved as a medical device anywhere in the world and should not be used as such. They should never be used in applications or activities that may cause and/or lead to death, personal injury and/or damage to the environment. Plants and/or materials that are exposed to higher dosages of UV-C may become damaged and/or discolored.

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