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Enjoy healthier water

and cost saving plan with

our compact design dispenser.

"You spend about one third of your life at work , so you should look at investing in healthier water  in office because it is also an investment in yourself and all staff ".


Water Is Life - Remember,with the right water pH,it will lead to a healthier life.

Our Drinking Water

Since we drink water every day, do you know what is the pH level ( acidic or alkaline ) of the water you drink daily?

Do you know ...

If too much acid accumulates in your body, your doctor may diagnose you with a condition called acidosis. There are two major forms of acidosis: metabolic acidosis, which occurs when there is too much acid in your body, and respiratory acidosis, which occurs when there is too much carbon dioxide in your body. Typically, acidosis develops as a result of uncontrolled diabetes; chronic diarrhea; and respiratory, kidney or liver disease. When severe, the effects of acidosis may be life-threatening.

Do you know…

  • You and your staff spend at least 8 hours a day at work and they rely on the drinking water system YOU provide to stay hydrated and healthier?​

  • Is the drinking water right pH ? Acidic or Alkaline ?

  • Is the water  R.O type ? Still supplied in bottles and processed using old technology?

Costing ......

  • Have been paying RM3,000 - RM12,000 for your Drinking Water System?

  • Have been paying RM300 – RM600 yearly on the maintenance?

  • Have been tied up with rental period for up to 5 years?

Alkaline, your healthy body and you

What is pH?

• pH (potential Hydrogen) is a numeric scale used to specify the measurement of acidity or alkalinity on liquid or substance.

• Every part of our body have specific pH.

Blood 7.35-7.45      Skin 5.5      Stomach 1.5-4.0     

Saliva 6.0-7.4        Liver 7.2  etc

What if we continues consumed acidic water daily?

• Our blood pH have to constantly at 7.35 – 7.45 (Slight Alkaline)

• When blood pH dropped acidic, our body will automatically get alkaline minerals from other part of our body to neutralize it.

• This may lead to deficiency of certain minerals to other parts of the body. (example: Calcium from bone) and accumulatively may lead to sickness (degenerative disease)

• Continuously drinking acidic water will only add more acidic, thus more burden to our body

Current drinking water TYPE in market
R.O. Bottled Dispenser
pH 5.5 - 6.5 (acidic)
Filtered Dispenser
pH 6.8 - 7.3
Water Ionizer
up to pH 10.5 (alkaline)
Mashida Water Dispenser
Alkaline Water (Hot & Cold)
Ideal drinking pH 8.0 - 9.5
Water Type
Water SYSTEM in market
Acidic R.O. Dispenser
50% water used and 50% water flush as waste
Filtered Dispenser
Normal water filter
Water Ionizer
50% alkaline and 50% acidic
Mashida Water Dispenser
100% in put water use with Hot & Cold output
How bottled water affect your office?
Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) type are over acidic for drinking! The pH may dropped to 5

Manage & Monitoring (Manpower)

Commitment again , upfront payment, vendor name, schedule of delivery

Need Man to carry/replace
Occupied of office space
Bottle water process
Hygiene issue and did they even sterilize the bottle? 
Re-used dented bottle with the crack plastic inside.
Mashida Water VS Bottle Type
Cost Saving Comparison

Type : R.O (reverse osmosis)  - Acidic Water 

           Not recommended for daily use

20 * bottles  x RM 8 = RM 160/per month


*The more staff the greater usage requires.

Type :  Mashida Alkaline Water (pH8.0-9.5)  

FIXED AT RM  119/ per month

Yes, we can lower down the cost

The Benefits of Mashida water

~ Anti-Oxidant (ORP)

~ 100 % Alkaline Water (Ideal drinking pH between 8.0 – 9.5)

~ Saving up to 60% of your current running cost

~ Space saving & no more changing bottle

~ Unlimited supplies of Hot & Cold water

~ No longer need to remember when to re-order drum/bottle

~ No worry on bottle sanitation or whether the plastic is BPA free

The Advantages of Mashida water


“Mashida Office Pack ” offers

~ No Deposit / down payment

~ Monthly rental starting from RM 119

~ No long term tie up commitment period

~ FREE delivery and installation

~ FREE new model upgrading

~ Unlimited service/parts supply during rental period

~ Inclusive of consumable parts i.e.: All filters

~ Only use Korean imported filters

~ Periodically service to optimize performance

~ Quality assured

~ Larger capacity models available for high volume users

Benefits & advntages

pH of our body

~ Every part of our body have specific pH.

~ Blood 7.35-7.45      Skin 5.5      Stomach 1.5-4.0

    Saliva 6.0-7.4        Liver 7.2  etc

~ If the pH of these part changes, our body will automatically      adjust it back to the required pH. By creating the acidic or        alkaline minerals or extracting from other part of the body.

~ Example: if our body is too acidic (Acidosis), our body will        get/produce alkaline minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium,    Sodium, Potassium from other part of the body to neutralize    it back to required pH.

Our body pH

Why our blood pH affect our health

~ Our blood transport all nutrients (oxygen and minerals) or waste product (excessive elements) throughout our whole body.

~ So what it deliver determine our health. That is why the pH of the blood is so important to health.

~ When we are stressed, lack of exercise, not sleeping well, consume acidic food etc, our blood will turn to acidic (acidosis) and will also cause our body cells become acidic.

~ “Disease cannot survive in alkaline environment”

How our body adjust blood pH

~ Our blood pH have to constantly at 7.35 – 7.45

~ We cannot survive outside this pH

~ When our blood pH dropped acidic, our body will automatically get alkaline minerals from other part of our body to neutralize it.

~ This may lead to deficiency of certain minerals to other parts of the body. (example: Calcium from bone)

~ Accumulatively may lead to sickness (degenerative disease)

How can we neutralize acidic by drinking alkaline water

~ Our stomach pH have to stay highly acidic between 1.5 – 4.0 to digest food and kill bacteria & virus.

~ When we drink alkaline water, the pH goes up.

~ When this happens, there is a feedback mechanism in our stomach to detect this and commands the stomach wall to               secrete more hydrochloric acid into the stomach to bring the pH value back below 4.

~ Hydrochloric acid is created only when needed because our body cannot keep it or will burn through our body.

~ So the cells in our stomach wall must produce it on an instantly-as-needed basis.

~ The ingredients in the stomach cell that make hydrochloric acid are carbon dioxide, water, and sodium chloride or                   potassium chloride.

~ “Carbon dioxide + water + chlorine

~ The by-product of making hydrochloric acid is sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate (alkaline), which goes into           blood stream.

~ These bicarbonates are the alkaline buffers that neutralize excess acids in the blood.

~ Preventing our body to extract alkaline minerals from other part of the body. And lessen our body burden leading to a             healthier life.


It’s time to make a CHANGE!

“Mashida Office Pack ” offers:

  1. Healthy 100% alkaline drinking water at the best pH level (8.0-9.5 pH)

  2. Low Deposit / Prepaid

  3. Low rental fee – just from  RM 119 / month

  4. Short rental commitments (2 years)

  5. Save space & no more changing bottle

  6. FREE delivery and installation

  7. FREE system upgrades every 5 years

  8. Unlimited service/parts supply during rental period 

  9. Inclusive of all consumables i.e : Service ,Spare parts & Filter replacement)

Why choose Mashida?


  • Specialist in Alkaline Water Solution

  • Save MORE than 60% of your monthly running cost

  • We DON’T tie you up for long rental commitment (initial only 2 years)

  • We UPGRADE your old applicant EVERY 5 years without additional COST

  • All in cost saving plan

  • High capacity Model available for high volumes.

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